It follows that top international schools lead to top university offers

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The American School of Bangkok is an international school in Bangkok. International schools belong to the IB or International Baccalaureate. ASB was founded in 1968. IB type schooling offers four much-respected types of international education which aims at developing your child’s social, emotional, intellectual, personal and academic skills. As a result, a child becomes a top citizen of the world, graduating from top universities of the world. The 4 programs are:
•    IB diploma program & IB career-related program for students 16-19
•    IB middle years program for students 11-16
•    IB primary years for students 3-12

International schools must be authorized by the IB group to offer these all-encompassing programs. Parents always want to know about this excellent education for their children and one example of such a school like this is the American School of Bangkok. The American School of Bangkok has two campuses, each one purposefully designed and built to offer your child optimal top-notch education. Students attending either of the campuses soon grow to love the caring and comfortable facilities provided at both facilities. Computer rooms with computers, the internet, and libraries, study rooms; all these wonderful learning opportunities are there to achieve great academic achievements. At the same time, to provide balance and fun and a homely feeling for any child, the arts, ballet studios, indoor gyms, music, drama studies and much more outdoor fun is offered to keep children happy, balanced and focused. 

High school children have a great opportunity of taking the Advanced Placement courses. It’s a program from the USE and Canada offering university-level curricula as well as exams for high school children. Students receive university credits to enter universities from all over the world. 

You really cannot afford not to come and see The American School of Bangkok, come and visit the school to see first-hand what is on offer. You won’t go anywhere else.

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