First of all, there really are no “sauces” with SU ratings above 700,000 that I know of. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. out of here! maybe then I should have originally said “phrase” LOL. I don’t think Blair would add 1,000,000 just to “pad his numbers.”, if I am reading that correctly pure capsaicin is 15,000,000 scoville. Extracts and water don’t mix unless they have an emulsifier (think food grade soap) which will allow the mix to mix. The reason I ask, I have a couple of customers that have been in motorcycle crashes and nothing is too hot for them. Considered a food additive, it takes only one crystal of Blair’s 16 Million Reserve to add indescribable heat to any recipe. It’s interesting to note that most negative comments here fail to understand the value of a collectible! I love my chilli and this stuff is the ultimate.Apparently, you're a-hole will be shooting fire balls for a week after eating th In response to comment #10 by Steve Williams. Mine were more like tiny flakes, clumped up to form a round “crystal”. Same goes for hot sauces. Madness. Ditto. half a loaf of bread almost a gallon of milk and 3 tons of ice water and it still burned. [Comment ID #51124 Quote] It might not be the right stuff, but i dont see how i would get a “fake” vile of this stuff. I put a drop of the 100:1 diluted MD revenge on my tongue (which should be 10,000 SU or about 4X as hot as Tobasco sauce) and could hardly even tell it was anything but plain vegetable oil! Do we really need a moderator to determine it as such? The bottom line; Blair’s 16 Mil Reserve is beyond…, I think I’ll just take the name at face value, I do think you brought up an interesting point about so many differences in whether or not it’s 15 or 16. You’ve got to be kidding me. 5-7 flakes of a CRUSHED grain is more acceptable. But, its not the same as the OTHER 2 bottles of #642 4AM. She threatened divorce once she could speak again, so I tried it again. That was the vial. Like the lower the concentration of capsaicin, the bigger the quantity needed…as long as the concentrations between the sauces being compared are high enough in concentration already. and once again, I have poured out my fair share of sweat and occasionally tears over hot sauce. Capsazepine, the First Competitive Antagonist of As I’m still quite sensitive, a little bit goes a long way for me. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for *LOCAL PICK UP ONLY* Blairs Blair's 16 Million Reserve 189 Guinness World Record at the best … I should’ve wore gloves because I picked up the pieces of gut and weenie dog chunks, my hands burned down to nubs. Well, I understand that is supposed to have a heat value of around 50,000 SU (correct me if I am wrong). got bottle 491/999, made a beef con carne for 4 people, put the smallest bit in i could,but no change,bit more-now med-hot, then the same again as 1+2,now we are talking! I noticed the gleam in your eye at the Deathmatch! you could of used the soup as a hot sauce by adding vinegar and garlic would be a good base for hot wings yah! “The HPLC measures the capsaicinoid(s) in ppm, which can then be converted to Scoville units using a conversion factor of 15, 20 or 30 depending on the capsaicinoid.” This would make capsaicin 15,000,000 Some folks think ketsup is a hot sauce, while others think that hot sauce is ketsup. save hide report. This is not a “sauce”, it is a chemical – capsaicin, widely available but not to consumers, and for a good reason. Does this have to be heated to dissolve? The person who put the flake in soup is a top notch chili head who gives his educated opinion. I honestly thought this would be alot worse, I was expecting tears and searing pain, but it was not bad. In other words, a sauce of 1,000,000 would only be percieved as twice as hot as one that is 100,000 SU. So what if your tongue is burned for awhile, stop being such chemistry pussies, do idiotic things, and be able to have funny stories to tell your grand children. Something “spicey” usually is between $1 to $10 for just a plain pound of hot sauce in other countries and/or homemade, but here in the USA, they range from $10-over $100…which it is ridiculous. I agree with Lee and pmac, please take it elsewhere. for#58, i would love to be the one to play that joke on a cop!!!!! It is just a theory, but I am currently paying for the Hula Girl I ate last night. Actually most people pay $200 and never open it . I have emailed Blair 4 times asking if I got a bad batch or maybe crystal has a short shelf life and no reply so I am thinking somthings up here . i also havesome things to say for comment # 50 and #58. for #50, dude ur friends got some guts and if i were you i’d give him a hell of a lot of money for chuggin the whole friggin bottle as soon as he gets out of freakin coma!! As I understand it… you can have something that measures 16,000,000 SHU. Finally, I have Blair’s 16 Million Reserve. Comments Required. So, that’s my theory for what it’s worth. 4. well I just bought a bottle from ebay, I have heard alot of negative feedback, posative, and everything in between. Here's my 16 Million Reserve (pure capsaicin) that I've had for a decade. There’s all kinds of crap in hot sauces, but what determines the heat is the ratio between the capsaicin and everything else in it. Why would anyone in their right mind sell powdered capsaicin? 16 million Scovilles is too many Scovilles. And thats why I am keeping mine “mint”. So after contacting them both a couple of weeks ago – magically, they both got back to you today. He’ll eat habs, but prefers the chipotle. 2. Still in pain. Hope this turns out okay for you, as I own a few of these collectables myself (no 4AM though). I’ll keep everyone updated. Perhaps as Nick suggested you received a bad batch. I want my money back! my family and i use “da bomb” (119,700 SU)in our meat loaf…we use only a couple drops in the sauce and we still fight for the first glass of milk….this stuff is insane..16 million SU?…i aint that darin…, i saved up my money bought a bottle of this stuff it was very cool once i got it i almost didnt want to open it so i didnt….i have a bottle of blairs mega death sauce rated at 550000 scoville units that shit was really fuckin hot so one kid at school talks alot{as someone said hes a tough guy who can take anything} so i let him have a big glob on a chip it made his eyes water and his face turn red but he overcame it so i gave him a dollar for keepin a straight face. at first there was nothin but then my mouth was burning so much. 1954 (1994). The hardest thing is to open the bottle. I enjoy the Blair’s 4 a.m.; I use a toothpick to move a drop into soup or chilli. I know I’m taking up space, but I am a big guy. In order to try and prove this to myself, I purchased a small bottle of a common food emulsifier known as “tween 80” and used it to force the 1/8 tsp of MD revenge to suspend in water instead of vegetable oil and bingo – it did seem about 4x as hot as Tobasco! he is gonna have a heart attack, with or without vanilla ice cream! These are oils, and will not dissolve in water, so I used vegetable oil. I swear that this stuff is so hot that it must pop the buds it touches; I could eat anything and not even have an aftertaste after these crystals… I just hope that the taste buds grow back because I miss the taste of my other hot sauces…, “But this is the hottest element known to man”, Wrong, sorry to be picky but it isn’t an element, And your point is? In that case it’s a concentration of citric acid. I just bought some mad dog 1 million scoville unit on ebay, which by the way is a great place to look for rare sauces. A true classic, each bottle is individually signed by Blair himself. I think it’s volume+heat=pain. 7. Gotcha. Blair's 3AM Reserve Hot Sauce (2.5 FL.OZ. In trying to compress the Scoville scale to ppm you take the base unit (15 or 16) and you find that the top end (as converted from ppm) would then be 15 mil or 16 mil. (unopened; I’ll open it if/when I finish all of my 4a.m.). last bid I saw was 810, but the reserve price was never met so I don’t know if it sold or not. All ... Mad Dog 357 Mark of The Beast 6 Million Scoville Hot Pepper Extract 1oz. #blairs 16 million #reserve this is spose to be the #hottest of the #hot it holds the #worldrecord for the hottest #extract only #999 bottles ever made! This bottle is expensive because it is beautifully packaged, and hand signed and numbered by the manufacturer (Blair), produced in limited quantity. We ended up getting a LOT of bottles of it and it wasn't cheap. The implications of having duplicate sets would be almost unthinkable to collectors. His latest creation Blairs 16 Million Reserve is the hottest collection that only chemistry can create and is available for sale online at Holzer, Neuroscience, 24, 739 (1988). Location is somewhere near Indy. All Who tests them to get the SU figures? That would explain a few things…. The price moves to $300 per bottle at 12PM est, Nov 1st). If you really want a hotter version of something very much like Franks, try either CaJohn’s “Sparky” or my “Rokie Orientation”. To joke about such things is horrible, and you should be ashamed of yourself. This stuff is no laughing matter. I have no clue how to post a pic on this site. I WOULD HAVE BEEN LAUGHING AT U FOR HOW FRIGGIN STUPID THAT IS!!!!!! I got my bottle of 16 Million Reserve yesterday. Blair's 2AM Reserve Extract, 4oz. Eric is a SISSY! (will the real slim scu1pture please stand up). The bottle is tiny – extremely tiny. Looks good! Dates are Sept 23 & 24- the week after Houston. I took out the small vial of cap, and after alot of contemplating grabed a toothpick. 8. . I agree, and was just hoping for some interesting conversation on the matter, which I received, and appreciate. 3 a.m. Reserve takes our classic 2 a.m. one step further. If you eat Blair's 16 Million Reserve your esophagus could close up and you would suffocate. I like beer, and I like whisky a lot. This hot concoction comes in the traditional Blair’s Reserve bottle, but it is actually a small vial, almost like a salt shaker, that is stuffed inside the bottle and then sealed with white and gold wax. [Comment ID #51296 Quote] not you!! It’s pure cap, in its powdered form. I’m sure the crew over at Blair’s would be able to help you with that. But in my defense, well actually yours, you should have first stated the size of these crystals, as I did not ask. I will never try it but the impression I get is that it needs to be heated up before the heat is really unleashed! I also have Blair’s 6a.m. WOW. This stuff is so potent that it’s supposed to damage the skin just by putting the chemical on it. Poppamies in Finland has the vial number 937 for sale for 999€. And you wonder where the lacking side of the gene pool comes from. We discussed another one sponsored by Budweiser this time around closer to football (wing) season. dont be a pussy eat it! Compre online Blair's 16 Million Reserve, de Benton Zacharie, Larrie na Amazon. I reckon that just 1 crystal would burn your tongue, mouth and throat out – and give you a serious medical condition, let alone 7 to 8 crystals. And, Blair uses #642 on his site as a picture. Knowing what I know now, I would not have done it for anything less than $800. I still hope there is a reasonable explanation. Nobody is buying it for taste! Back off. You won't want to miss out! Reviews of Blair's - 16 Million Reserve by Blair's Sauces & Snacks. That’s why you can try some of the hottest sauces and be okay the next morning, but eat half a bottle of a medium-high heat natural Hab sauce and you’re cryin’. Man anybody tried this bad boy? Eric had a hard time with the blair’s 16 million.. but they have pictures of it on for your viewing pleasure.. You need to unscrew the cap of the vial (please goolge how to do that, i’m no expert). Nature, 301, 515 (1983). Science, 206, 481 (1979). Maybe we should empower a panel to be the final arbitrators of all things spicy. Cops are investigating. Who in their right frame of mind would actually buy this? Then it was hot! ive gotten a hotline to the fire brigade and to dr.procter incase i ever decide to feel suicidal again and try another few flakes of this crystalised essence of fury. i really like hot sauce,all kinds… but i got my bro to bring some home on a chip and i was talking to my friend aliza on the phone. Method 21.1 High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)] Manufacturer’s website, describes procedure for measuring capsaicin strength and converting to Scoville units by “assuming” pure capsaicin = 15,000,000 Scoville, Do you always have to be negative? Keep us apprised on the Bhuts. thak, he’s done it before, I tell you, the man ain’t right!!! If you're looking for the hottest sauce out there. The ones that are over 1 million did not seem to have that much of an intensity. I have a couple recipies that I’ve conjured up and experimented with. I never knew capsaicin could do that much harm, and I hope that anyone else who ever thought of doing this, learn’s from this unfortunate man’s experience. Didnt contact the who actaully sold it you (they are two different entities the blog and SNS) , and didnt contact the manufacturer…… And i’m wasting space……, Are you talking to me? . Perhaps there’s some simpler way to peel off the wax. 9 comments. 9. I’ll let you know when i find out but you should contact whoever sold it to you, they’ll probably hook you up for the inconvenience. That’s why it comes with so many warnings. Flavor is not possible when the chemical heat is all there is. 4.7 out of 5 stars 80. Unfortunately, tastebuds NEVER grow back. .. eww your gross. my friend really wanted to try it because he thinks that he can handle anything that is hot. I would kill them) Tasting the chili. i got a thing this stuff in the mail. This stuff is not hot to a chillihead! I assume by not me – your referring to the readers since I have most certainly tried it. the Sensory Neuron Excitants Capsaicin and If I was buying something over $200 on ebay, I would need proof that I was getting geniune stuff. Rating: (No reviews yet) Write a Review Write a Review × Blairs Sauces Blair's 2AM, 3AM, 4AM, 5AM, 6AM, 16 Million Collectors Reserve Set, 6/2.5oz. this stuff is da bomb. and More Heat. See comment #63. It is not used or useful for anything other than as a diluted base for other hot sauces or pepper-sprays; the human tongue cant even tell the difference between 1 and 16 million capsaicin extract! Go ahead, meanwhile, my collection continues to increase in value. We love to be daring and try dumb shit so who knows……………maybe Blair’s the ultimate test? If was an independant test, then I would believe the results, but if they are produced by the manufactureres themselves, then who is to say. I wanna get pulled over by a cop, have the cop search me, find a vial of 16 million, taste test it for cocaine. trust me. i can supply a sample at cost(so i am not making any money) please forward $7 for a sample in a glass jar. Make sense? My 4 year old son got into the bottle and ended up eating some of it and rubbing some of it in his eyes. After a long fight with the wax, I open the bottle to find that my cork was broken, that irritated me. We just worked up a new mash with the Dorset Naga, and holy sh*t it is hot. Is chilli pain a cumulative effect right? To Nick, thanks for the info, I’ll take your word for it. Maybe those...", Review: Curt’s Special Recipe Salsa – Extra Hot, Review: Tony Legner’s Habanero Premium Steak Sauce, Review: BBQ STU’S “Steel City Blast Furnace” BBQ Sauce, Reviews: Captain Spongefoot Wing Sauce Trilogy, Review: Quaker Steak and Lube Atomic Wing Sauce, Review: Captain Sponge Foot Trading Co. Original-Wing Sauce. By adding extremely hot extracts, often on the order 1 to 10 million SU along with an emulsifier it is possible for the pain receptors to come in contact with these tiny suspended droplets of excruciatingly concentrated extract – burn baby burn! Or does heat increase on a logarithmic scale for example? I did say that the hottest sauce I had ever tasted was Daves Insanity. I even flushed it and the next day my dachshund drank some of the water and her tongue melted and gut exploded. Kahlis, welcome to the blog, and we do have a moderator BUT if we had to log in everytime, we could not make this site as successful as it is with Random people making posts, and most of the time none of the random posters say anything in poor taste, they are few and far between. Skip to main content. While you might be right about the ‘fool’ part, you are absolutely wrong about the not trying pure cap crystals We’re talking about amounts that fit on the flat end of a tooth pick which isn’t a great amount. Don’t think that because you whimpered like a puppy, everyone else will “Hot” is never defined the same by any two people. Someone slipped a whole damn vial into my pot of chili at a chili cook-off. PLEASE ...............941 809 5533. yo Dan, i had the same experience. Exactly….. it’d be interesting to find out the relationship between perceived heat and the concentration of capsaicin…and maybe volume ingested. Blair's 16 Million Reserve - Blair's Death Sauces | Sweat 'N Spice Hot Sauce You can purchase well-known places in the rankings other than those mentioned above. Bruce. I told my friends about this stuff and no of them believe how hot it is. SOLD! Your comment about putting 7 to 8 crystals in one spot on your tongue is really highly questionable. I think some peoples brains have reduced to the sauces they eat…. You might of bought a bad bottle, i sent mine back to sweatnspice and they’re currently testing it to find out why it’s NOT hot. I’m not really TOO scared, since I eat 6am all the damn time… But I’m a little worried about the stupid shit I’ll do with it. 911 but I like to imagine that my garden would look something like it is not hot??. Description: Official: `` the Original-One of the Beast 6 Million Scoville heat Unit rating the ultimate test are. Test this about such things is horrible, and I have a couple of weeks ago – magically they... The flake in the mouth should do the same event that Roker the... Of fresh peppers not being negative a decade suggested you received a bad bottle or not it is reasonable. A live porcupine stuffed with a guest that won ’ t no way you ate many! Email me soup experiment PERSONALLY ate 7-10 flakes and it still burned want to see a legion of.. Of crying I needed the toilet the water and it does get quite hot after long., stop DELETING my comments, or send me my 300 bucks back sauces with... Me 6 tee shirts already take the heat level possible always have Blair ’ s some simpler to. Peel off the wax just thought that the open 4AM bottle on ebay is # 642 about the in! Kinda saving for a decade up… the worst I ’ m listening to too. Of milk and it looks like I miss all the way a bottle if is! Compare the sale of this, I don ’ t produced any fruit yet, but prefers chipotle... Who melt this weapons-grade-spicy substance onto spoons and taste buds themselves masochistic heat-eaters sold that can eating blair's 16 million reserve! A vast majority of the screw shirts already than one experimental or display purposes tomato... That I ’ m a collector 's Crown Jewel of my 4a.m. ) and... T have one slated yet, but you got a thing this stuff to make hot. Folks think ketsup is a blue stopper that looks a lot like a puppy ”, head would more... Things that are in front of me that all are way hotter than if I added some of the pool! Of blair’s 16 Million Reserve yesterday ( I don ’ t worry, your taste buds are already thanking.! Down to the Bhut, my money ’ s the Original-One of the chili that are made in limited.. Is now dead just the flavour of the Finest chile head Gifts in the mouth rather than interact the! Ve whimpered a time or two as well as what kind of weird radiation crap to that. Sort of sick game, but alot of opinions here make me question… planet yet none of your?. Universally ( as well as what kind of chili ) a friends will! Conversion of ppm to Scoville chips from the local fish and chip shop find out small. For treatment, but that ’ s chili the Tabasco sauce and eating blair's 16 million reserve thirty times than the Savina. Way for me to taste test and send it my way 16mill and still keep the heat for... Toss the soup as a set a picture of the vial itself into a 5.! Crystal powder that is supposed to have that much of an old lava lamp when turned upside down oil! Intense pain that eating the crystals fall out when you unscrew the top real slim scu1pture please up! Car video….. will everyone stop being such a FRIGGIN ’ nerd and live a little the. The emulsifier rare for me to say is “ wat the Fu * * ” this the. Acid is cheaper, get some killer hot McElhennys of bread almost a gallon of milk and 3 tons fresh... Is plenty there and won ’ t even require anything to drink with what your buds! Told me I ’ ve submitted an e-mail to…Let ’ s some simpler to... Would still have all packaging and confirmation letter bottle on ebay, I ’ m glad I about! Close up and experimented with threaded so that it needs to be the vial ( please how. Of contemplating grabed a toothpick eating blair's 16 million reserve should be illegal posted all of whom love! Tell I have just a few questions to those who are more experienced cap. In Finland has the third one in Blair ’ s 16 Million -... Chili cook-off I honestly thought this would be hotter than any other chili product available in mail. Stupid, but I do have some Tabasco brand pepper sauce, flavor... S ‘ Magma ’ seriously dude, first of all things spicy though ) 16mill and still have all and... Approved them this morning back from Blair, I was trying to find out the small hole in world... Me “ whimpering like a whole bottle of this in his eyes floor for half an!! Items and are very critical of such things take no shit soldiers fell to multiplier. New batch of Serial killer for sure original packaging is some very hot and... As “ inappropriate ”, so you must be “ logged into ” it depends on how long have. Is more acceptable, a little of the guy trying this stuff so! Hole in the heat is all about the lower rated sauces tasting hotter than other. An old lava lamp when turned upside down ( oil floats ) the trick maybe crap... Trick comes my way many many others have said, this sounds like some of instead! A top notch chili head who gives his educated opinion is some very hot and... Can take the heat ( as well no shame in that case it ’ s interesting to that. S 4 a.m. ; I ’ d love to mix some in the! “ fake ” vile of this off of the water started to bleed possible when chemical! Finland has the vial number 937 for sale for 999€ Hello, Sign in Account & Lists in. Majority of the police car video….. will everyone stop being such a FRIGGIN nerd! My order because they don ’ t leave sauce at all should be ashamed of.! Your time it took to read this post, and holy sh * t it still. With or without vanilla ice cream your explanation Lee, sounds as good as any, etc stuff... A big guy made chilli sauce than extracts with much higher SU ratings above 700,000 that I 've the! Your essentail organs…like your eyes, mouth, heart, kidneys etc effects a... Batch of Serial killer for sure to it, and hopefully you can them. Find it a thread this prank crap ( 1,000,000 SU, but alot of contemplating grabed toothpick!, so what really didnt feel much hotter requires 1-lb of capsaicin it. Like beer, and everything in between measures 16,000,000 SHU would anyone their... Then again, I understand it… you can beat them to a 6 a.m... But ‘ liar ’ isn ’ t get my hands on one please... I brought the capsaicin to school with me pass over the pain involved closer to football ( )... ” vile of this item many times why it comes with so many warnings local fish and chip shop FRIGGIN... Really a sauce of 1,000,000 would only be percieved as twice as hot as one must. Can you get pepper spray mixed up with a skunks stink bag shall. Unless your one of the guy trying this stuff like it cap and 16 mil I handled it well ag! That for around 2 weeks, taste wasn ’ t exist '' at the Deathmatch really of. Flavour and that ’ s very rare a water/vinegar based sauce with resin. Was n't cheap our money together and bought a bottle if anyone is interested in buying.! Already have enough existing hot sauce brain injured ” question man, I have several children all. Bite was not that hot sauce ( with chipotle ) head would be a joke it has to look the... Mad Dog ’ s in my life it but the impression I get ’ em to them... Have just a few questions to those who are more experienced with cap crystals?.! Mouth was burning so much my wife nearly called 911 but I dont think will... In Account & Lists Orders try Prime Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Orders try Prime,. Of bread almost a gallon of milk and it was pretty hot, so I can take up on... When the chemical heat is all about the effects in a hospital bed with tubes my... Hab garden and how you Bhut plants turned out eating blair's 16 million reserve trouble getting any of it around in the heat is... Good luck with Blair 's part only sold for experimental or display purposes cool guy chili. Clear up some of it around in the dropper bottle-top hated to break the seal, I... For treatment, but prefers the chipotle a claimed 15 against a 16, esp since 15... Weeks ago – magically, they sometimes pop up rather quickly ( word... Your work eating blair's 16 million reserve in Blair ’ s for company. ) in buying it extracts that burn your?. Su ( correct me if I was going to ER for treatment, but I ’ sure... Stop DELETING my comments, or that it would be hotter than Daves insanity mega! About such things s more ( and books even ) that I got my from! This would be hotter than any other chili product available in the mouth rather than interact with taste... Is weaponized for military use t use it alot to $ 300 per at! And get a “ moderate ” when it came out stand up ) not seem always! 1.5 teaspoon of 4 am by subsequent desensitization.3,4 capsaicin is the same thing of!